Helpful Hints

How to Cut a Mango Like a Pro

The key to cutting a mango is to realize the unique shape of the stone. In your hand, the mango stone is the center of your attention. Your job is to cut away the “cheeks” of the mango while allowing the stone to remain.

  • First you must select a ripe mango. Mango selection is driven more from the feel of the fruit than the skin color since each variety is a different color. A ripe, juicy mango will feel heavy and slightly soft when you press on the peel closest to the stem.
  • Before you begin cutting, rinse the mango in running water to prevent dirt or bacteria from the skin getting on the fruit. Dry the mango thoroughly.
  • Place the mango on a cutting board. Hold the mango upright with the stem at the top and cut the cheeks off in a straight line, leaving an inch of fruit in the middle. Do not attempt to find the stone. You will become adept at identifying the position of the stone with more practice. The first knife cut will indicate if you must turn the fruit 90 degrees and make another cut.
  • Create a checkerboard of cuts in one mango cheek while leaving the peel intact. These mango dices will beiStock_000059091402_Large removed as you turn the peel inside out. Pry the cubes of mango away from the skin with your paring knife.
  • Place the mango stone on the cutting board and use your paring knife to cut away the rest of the mango flesh. The remaining flesh can be diced in a similar fashion.

Your cubed mango can be refrigerated for several days or frozen for up to 90 days. Mango is a delicious and versatile fruit that too many people avoid because they do not know how to cut it. Follow the steps above and you will be an expert in no time!